Sunday, April 13, 2008


Went to Vox on Boylston Street.  I asked if they had anything on the menu that could be confirmed as gluten free.  My timing was right because since they were not busy the chef paid me a visit. Jeff. He was awesome. He custom made a meal for me - asked me what I like to eat and he took the liberty of creating a surprise. The food was outstanding. I would highly recommend asking if Jeff has the time to create or modify a menu item for you. He did a wonderful job. 

Typhoon on Boylston Street has a gluten free menu

Papa Razzi on Dartmouth Street has gluten free pasta. As I mentioned in a previous blog, they are very accommodating!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New finds

Haven't update this blog in months.  Hello!  Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season. 
Here are a few quick additions:

I have had so much luck at Italian restaurants lately. Who knew? For 3 years I was afraid to step foot in an Italian joint. Now look at me. 

Maggiano's Little Italy in the Back Bay.  I went in for a birthday party. Very accommodating.  They have Gluten Free Pasta!

Mama Maria's in the North End. Also very accommodating. They will modify almost any menu item... within reason. It was delicious.

Papa Razzi - went in for a post-wedding brunch. The manager and staff was very helpful and friendly. The food was great and my meal was completely safe.

Hamersly's in the South End (not Italian) - willing to work with you and modify anything. They prefer it if you call in advance. 

Monday, August 27, 2007


For those of you who like beer, Anheuser-Busch came out with a gluten free beer a while back: Redbridge. Finally, restaurants and bars are starting to catch on. There are also many package stores that sell it, too.  Here are a couple bar/restaurants in the city that serve Redbridge:

The Bar Room
The Vault
The Lower Depths
Murphy's Law
Legals' Seafood in Copley and the Prudential

Bard's Tale beer is now being served at the Parish Cafe and the Kinsale.

Check their websites for updates.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quick Restaurant Review

I recently visited Amrhein's in South Boston. They have a new chef and a new menu and I must say, it is worth visiting if you can track down the chef. His name is Rich. He was extremely accommodating. To be honest, they were not very willing to work with me before Rich came along. I happened to get him on a day he had a few free moments. He was able to cook my meal himself! That is not always going to be the case, but if you can call ahead or catch him when he is not bust he will be happy to help. At the very least he can explain the deal to the kitchen staff. Don't expect him to know the details of the gluten free diet. You will have to explain to him exactly what needs to be done, but once you do, I assure you, you will not regret it. I ate the pan seared scallops with spinach and mashed potatoes and it was excellent! Definitely give it a shot if you are in the area. Here's it the link to their website:

Update: Second time I ate there I felt pretty sick after. Not sure if it was the food or just a fluke. 

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Exciting news- Gluten free Pasta in South Boston

I will be visiting Salvatore's, by the South Boston Waterfront, for dinner with some friends in the near future. So I called ahead (a practice I highly recommend) to make sure they can accommodate my dietary requests and guarantee a gluten free meal. I never expect much when I make these calls. I figure lowering my hopes will alleviate the disappointment. Well much to my surprise, not only to they accommodate people with Celiac Disease, but they also keep gluten free pasta on hand! I cannot wait to try this restaurant. I will let you all know how it goes! Stay tuned....

So that blog was back in the fall. I tried Salvatore's. It was good, but a bit of a let down. They do in fact carry GF pasta so that's all good. I did not order it, however.  I had a craving for haddock. The reason I was disappointed: they made it all sound so great on the phone, but I did not feel as comfortable when I was there. Hard to explain, but I just didn't get the warm and fuzzy. They were all about gluten free this and gluten free that on the phone, but in person it was if the server was not even paying attention, nor did he seem aware of the restrictions the manager had explained to him 5 minutes prior... and attention to detail is something we celiacs take very seriously. Right?

So I would not discourage you from trying it, just don't expect a gluten free paradise. I hope you have a better experience than I did. 

Monday, August 6, 2007


Before going to a restaurant:

1) Always call ahead. If you cannot do that then speak with a manager before you order.

2) Order the gluten free cards from Triumph Dining - they list different cuisines in 8 - 10 different languages. Last time I checked they did not include French or Portuguese, but they are extremely helpful if you like to try different restaurants on a regular basis. It beats bringing your own list (which I used to do) because these ones are pocket size and laminated. They also have a book that lists restaurants across the country- restaurants that have been known to accommodate Celiacs.

3) Bring your own bread, condiments or whatever you like. Just do not send anything back to the kitchen for them to prepare. You are better off arranging it yourself.
I like to add horseradish to ketchup when I go out for seafood since most cocktail sauces contain gluten.
I called La Choy and they informed me their Lite soy sauce is gluten free.  I bring my own when I go for sushi.


By now, I think you are aware of the incredible Celiac menus at PF Chang's, Legal Seafoods and The Elephant Walk. If you are not - Check them out! Not only do they have gluten free meals, but the entire staff has been thoroughly trained. Talk about Peace of mind.
Even though I can't get enough of those three restaurants, I have been testing out other restaurants here and there. I would like to share a list of places that have been very accommodating in my experience.
Before you venture out, remember: Do not assume anything. Always ask the server and/or manager to work with you and be sure to explain everything in great detail. If you can call ahead, that would be ideal.

*most (not all) restaurants are willing to work with you, but here is a list off the top of my head that I have visited recently:

Upscale favorites: Capital Grill, Abe & Louie's, Grill 23, Atlantic Fish Company, Hamerslys

Scollay Square- (Ask for Amy- she is my friend and very familiar with the GF diet)

B&G Oysters (not an extentive list beyond oysters, but the manager was great. She was able to put together a lobster salad over greens and prepared it away from their tiny kitchen to avoid cross contamination. )

Silvertone (their manager (Maureen) was extremely helpful and worked with the kitchen to create an excellent gluten free meal)

Stephanie's on Newbury (staff is very familiar with the gluten free diet)

Cactus Club (willing to work with you provided you explain your restrictions thoroughly. I was able to enjoy chicken tacos , gluten free)

Douzo (tip: bring your own gluten free soy sauce! Order only after confirming ingredients. My favorite safe items: California rolls and Philadelphia rolls

House of Siam (in the South End -confirm ingredients with manager first. I have had a lot of luck with the traditional Pad Thai dish)

Salsa's (in South Boston - go over list of restrictions and they will work with you)

Skipjacks (staff is willing to work with you)

The Farragut House (kitchen will work with you, but needs guidance)

Game On (when the kitchen is not busy they will cook a burger on a clean pan with some veggies on the side)

Wagamama (they have some options on their menu)

Fresh City, Souper Salad and Wendy's all have gluten free items. Inquire within or check the website.

The Longhorn Steakhouse, the Ninety Nine and Outback Steakhouse are all chains that are very accomodating. Outback has an in-house gluten free menu. 99 has one on line. Longhorn is willing to work with you to make your meal gluten free.