Monday, August 6, 2007


Before going to a restaurant:

1) Always call ahead. If you cannot do that then speak with a manager before you order.

2) Order the gluten free cards from Triumph Dining - they list different cuisines in 8 - 10 different languages. Last time I checked they did not include French or Portuguese, but they are extremely helpful if you like to try different restaurants on a regular basis. It beats bringing your own list (which I used to do) because these ones are pocket size and laminated. They also have a book that lists restaurants across the country- restaurants that have been known to accommodate Celiacs.

3) Bring your own bread, condiments or whatever you like. Just do not send anything back to the kitchen for them to prepare. You are better off arranging it yourself.
I like to add horseradish to ketchup when I go out for seafood since most cocktail sauces contain gluten.
I called La Choy and they informed me their Lite soy sauce is gluten free.  I bring my own when I go for sushi.


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モバゲー said...

今やモバゲーは押しも押されもせぬ人気SNS!当然出 会いを求めてる人も多い!そこで男女が出 逢えるコミュニティーが誕生!ここなら友達、恋人が簡単にできちゃいますよ

モバゲー said...


グリー said...

最近はどこのSNSサイトも規制ばっかりで、ちょっと出 合いに関して書き込みするとアク禁食らうけど、夏休み終盤に差し掛かり色々なサイトを調べた結果、グリーだけはどうも規制が緩んでるみたいです。今がチャンスの時期ですよ

ツイッター said...

ツイッターで出 合 いを求めるのです。気の合う異性と交流して楽しいひと時をお過ごしください。登録無料で使えるので気軽さは100点満点!

モテる度チェッカー said...


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